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Best Flight Sim Game Ever!!!!!

“Check out this flight sim!”

A Flight Sim that offers ‘Real Life Flying’ with Accurate Worldwide Scenery based on Actual Military Mapping, over 20,000 of the World’s Airports and 80+ Different Planes….

With   100+ aircraft to master, from the 1903 Wright Flyer to the latest   military fighter jet and you know you will be busy for months…

 Add   in changeable weather, 20,000+ airports, life like controls, NASA   flight models, World Wide Scenery based on US Defense Mapping  AND FREE lifetime updates / upgrades you know you will be busy for years…

FlightProSim™ is a FlightGear fork and has been built to be as close to real life as possible. Everything from terrain, aircraft reactions, to planetary alignments & movements.

The virtual controls are based on Real Life cockpits and you will find night flying more enjoyable with ground lighting concentrated in urban areas, car headlights on major roadways and accurate airport approach lighting. It doesn’t get any closer to the real thing…  

FlightProSim™ features highly detailed time of day modeling that places the sun, moon, stars, and planets correctly based on Real Time data from your computer clock…

If it’s dawn   in Beijing right now, it’s dawn in the sim right now when you locate   yourself in virtual Beijing.

FlightProSim™ features highly detailed time of day     modeling that places the sun, moon, stars, and planets correctly based   on Real Time data from your computer clock.

If it’s dawn   in Beijing right now, it’s dawn in the sim right now when you locate   yourself in virtual Beijing.

The   sun, moon,   stars, and planets all follow their correct courses   through the sky. The   modeling also correctly takes into account   seasonal effects so you have 24 hour   days north of the Arctic Circle   in the Summer…

If flying with perfect weather at dawn is just not a challenge anymore, why not add another dimension and watch your plane soar through gail’s, wind, rain, snow or even lightning. You have the control to choose this, or for added realism why not use real life data.

FlightProSim™ can  calculate your nearest airport and fetch the current METAR for that station from the NOAA weather service. The atmosphere parameters calculated are: temperature, dew point, pressure density, wind (three dimensional) and visibility.

Enough Talking about it!

To try it out for yourself  follow the link bellow and please don’t forget to leave you comments  

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Thoughts: Trine 2.

Is this the future of games consoles? Tell us what you think.

MD Game Pro

The Scientific Gamer

You know, I was halfway hoping I could use the pun “Trine 2 hard” somewhere in this review. I can’t, though, because Trine 2 doesn’t try at all. I didn’t like the original that much because it wasn’t anywhere near as clever as it could have been, but it was charming and managed to make stacking boxes on top of each other just about as fun as it can be, so I let it slide. Unfortunately for Trine 2 it can’t get away with merely doing the same thing all over again. It has to iterate. It has to develop the gameplay somewhat to justify me forking out another £6 for it. It really, really doesn’t.

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Is this the future of games consoles? Tell us what you think.

MD Game Pro

My Nintendo News

Disney’s Epic Mickey: The Power of Two was announced for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii, but producer Warren Spector neglected to mention a Wii U version. Spector says that the reason why they haven’t announced the game for Wii U is due to the fact that Junction Point had already started developing Epic Mickey 2 for Wii when Wii U was announced.

“We’ve certainly thought about it. It”s a really interesting piece of hardware. Unfortunately, we were already too far into development by the time it was announced. So there’s just no way we could get it out by the time Wii U launches. “I mean, who knows what’s going to happen in the future? But for right now, there are no plans. There is all sorts of fun stuff we could do with that controller, though.”

– Warren Spector speaking to Nintendo Power

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Is this the next evolutionary step in the games console world? Well it seems that way according to sources within the gaming circles. No one reinforced this more than Playstation with the idea that you will no longer physically own games but you will have online access to play them. More proof of this is found in Playstation’s most recent creation the PSVita which has made it ever more difficult to use pre-owned content. Of course, Sony hasn’t confirmed any of these supposedly leaked details, but is it really out of the realm of possibility?

All we have to do is look at the evidence of from any EA game sold for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 recenlty as they have an anti-used-game components built in. New games ship with one-time use codes that give the original owner access to online gameplay and features. If you try and play one of these titles without the code on a different console or gamertag, it’ll cost you extra to get online.

The most shoking display of this was with one of last years top selling games “Batmans: Arkham City“. Players who bought the game pre-owned missed out on the entire Catwoman campaign, as it required a unique code upon playing the game for the first time. Game reseller GameStop eventually made good on the incident by including codes for those who bought the game second hand.

This concept of “piracy paranoia” could simple kill a whole sector of the gaming industry virtually overnight. Take the rental gaming market where with services like GameFly and sites that organize game trades between consenting players. What about those guys? It all funnels into a core concept that used games are ingrained in the entire video game marketplace and ecosystem.

In my eyes perhaps the most important and yet overlooked element of this entire debate is that the idea of selling a game back plays such a necessary part in the psychology of game buying. Customers feel much better about buying a brand-new 50 or 60 pound game that turns out to be awful because they know there’s a safety net in place that will most likely get them at least half their money back — or more if they sell it in the right marketplace. In a world where selling back games is no longer an option, would games sell as well as they do now?

What about the social aspect of removing the used game sector? Surly this means that friends won’t be able to share a new game with each other unless they play the game on their own console. Where’s the fun there? This means kids won’t be able to go to a friend’s house and show them the great new Portal game they just bought. But in this brave new world, that act may be considered trying to play a used game.


So what does the future of gaming look like? I think a good indication of what might be on its way is how Activision has approached Modern Warfare 3. Encouraging gamers to hop on board a subscription-based gaming experience not only shifts focus away from those who might want to sell a game back, but also increases overall play value.

Modern Warfare 3 offers a one-year subscription price that includes any and all downloadable content over the course of a year. Which makes it cheaper to buy the membership up front rather than picking and choosing which DLC you want?

Is there an upside to this dilemma? I think there is! Just think this could drive the cost of games down. By removing the physical content you remove a lot of the other production costs; such as packaging and export costs, bringing overheads down.

So the real question being, “Is this a Bad Thing?”

At the end of the day this is only an observation and there are no facts that suggest these are the true intentions of these gaming giants. All we have to go on is what is going on in the now and the early signs certainly do point in that direction.

What do you think?

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Hi MD Game Pro here. I remember this game, I loved it and have always been into game like it. Right now im playing Batman Arkham City and it Kick Ass! I love the way that the Batman games have become really dark and gritty now. They have also become so deep, in as much as the games are so long now and there are so many aspects to them in terms of missions and sub-missions.

To sum up I love this game and I might blog about it myself.

Thanks for reading
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PS Vita Ad!!

Portable gaming will never be the same – check out this video for a taste of the action.

Sony PS Vita UK release date is 22nd February 2012, coinciding with a simultaneous US and European release date.

The announcement was made by SCEA boss Jack Tretton and was further confirmed by the EU PlayStation blog

The Japanese release date for the PS Vita was December 17th, meaning that UK gamers will have had to wait an additional two Vita-less months before they get their hands on the next generation handheld console.


Click to view larger image


The PS Vita may seem a rival for Nintendo’s 3DS but is more likely to go up against devices like the iPad 2 and various Android tablets for UK gamers portable gaming needs.

The PS Vita UK price is expected to be around 229 GBP, for the wi-fi only model, with 3G enabled PS Vita’s available for around 279 GBP.

Still with a UK release date of February 22nd now just around the corner, it’s probably time to start saving those pennies with 2012 offering a bold new frontier in portable gaming.

I have the Best Pro Flight Sim!! It is amazing, so real!!! You wont be disappointed!


Want to know the best flight sim?

It is not a new finding that there are numerous flight simulator games in the market, but most of them will leave you with a fallen face and a curse on your lips. However, you can still enjoy the best flight simulators in the market if you are careful and analytical enough. All you need to know is what quality must a good flight game possesses. You need to get a flight simulator that does not kill your dream of becoming a pilot. Horrible flight Sims can do this.

Get a simulator that suits your needs. The best simulator will first of all have beautiful graphics. Some of such programs come with horrible visual abilities that do not motivate you to fly. These are graphical features that are basic for a good flight simulator. The graphics for your flight sim should be able…

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How to Play OpenArena

How to Play OpenArena


OpenArena is a free and open source first person shooter game, similar to Quake III Arena. OpenArena features interesting character avatars, powerful and futuristic weapons, and elegant arena maps. OpenArena is suitable for training for other first-person shooters and also exciting to play in and of itself. Read on to learn how to set up and play this game.


  1. Install OpenArena. OpenArena’s installer can be found at
  • Linux users may be able to find OpenArena in their distribution’s repositories.
  • Open the game, either by clicking on a shortcut or directly in its folder.
  • Click to bypass the splash screen if you desire to instantly get to the main menu.
  • Click Setup. Here you will find various settings you need to control your OpenArena experience. Under Setup, there is a list of four categories of settings:Player (for controlling your handicap, changing your username, etc.)Controls (for changing how you interact with the game)System (to configure the game to work well with your system setup)Game options (for changing certain colors, your view, and other preferences)The last option, Defaults, is used if you want to reset the game to its default settings. Use this if you don’t like any of your existing settings, keeping in mind that all settings you changed will be lost.
  • Go back to the main menu and click “Single Player”. This is where you can fight alone with bots. The game keeps track of your progress by putting you in a tier. The higher the tier, the harder the bots will be to fight and the more maps you will be able to fight on.On this screen it will also show you awards and how many of each you have earned, for various in-game accomplishments. You can always fight at a lower tier, but you will not be able to fight at a higher tier than you have unlocked. Select a level to fight, then click “fight” in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Practice with bots until you are comfortable with the in-game weapons, controls, and general aim. Try to use a combination of weapons to kill an opponent, or slaughter them with only one the entire game. In any case, do your best to quickly aim and kill in order to earn awards and advance to the next tier.
  • Play online by choosing the Multiplayer option from the main menu. You will need to choose a server. You can use the filters at the top of the screen to show only servers that meet your desired criteria, such as map, ping, and number of players.Of course, you can also specify a server IP address. If desired, you can host your own on your computer for a local network game. Enjoy fragging with OpenArena!


Gameplay demo


  • A narrower field of view may be better for snipers, a wider field of view may be ideal to see everything around you.
  • Your crosshair color should contrast with the map you are playing.
  • Try playing a game without a crosshair so you get a feel for where you should be aiming anyway.
  • You can switch your character’s avatar type to several different characters including Gargoyle, Kyonshi, Sarge, Major, and Skelebot.
  • If you dislike the fact that your weapon is switched when you pick up an item, you can turn “autoswitch weapon” off in your settings.


  • OpenArena is for mature audiences only. This means it contains mild language, intense fantasy violence, blood and gore, and suggestive themes. It is not suitable for children.

Things You’ll Need

  • Computer
  • OpenArena installed
  • Internet access

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